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A system in which all countries contributed finances

In this week's PLoS Medicine , a team of international experts argue that in order to improvethe fairness, coherence, sustainability, and efficiency of medicalresearch worldwide, an international treaty is required. A research and development (R&D) treaty should be based on theunderstanding that a politically and financially sustainable systemfor producing medical research will need equal contributions fromall, as well as equal benefit sharing for all, according to SuerieMoon from the Harvard Global Health Institute, Jorge Bermudez fromFunda o Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, and Ellen 't Hoen fromthe University of Amsterdam. The researchers explained: "Medical innovation and access to the fruits of scientific progressare no longer policy concerns restricted to the national level orto wealthy countries alone. In an era of health interdependence,effective tools for global governance are required to generatemedical R&D as a global public good that can deliver benefits forall." At present, 80% of the world's population live in developingnations.

However, the current R&D system of new medicines does notadequately meet the needs of these people. For instance, worldwide there are new rules to make sure thatinnovative medicines are affordable to the majority of people whoneed them. In addition, funding for research and development intothe diseases that primarily affect developing nations is stillprecarious. This has caused a comprehensive international debate with proposalsfor reform, yet the researchers believe that irrespective of thenumerous new strategies of generating R&D, which meets the needs ofpoorer populations, these efforts still remain scattered,China Plastic pipe welding machine factory and ad hoc.

The researchers said: "An R&D treaty could complement and build on existing initiativesby addressing four areas that remain particularly weak:affordability, sustainable financing, efficiency, and equitablegovernance. An international agreement is likely to be required to establishrobust, sustainable, predictable, and sufficient financial flowsfor R&D." They continue: "A system in which all countries contributed finances and knowledgecould form the basis of more equitable governance arrangements inwhich affected populations have a stronger voice indecision-making. Leaders of governments, civil society, industry, and academiashould seize this unprecedented opportunity to move forward." Written By Grace Rattue Copyright: Medical News Today Not to be reproduced without permission of Medical News Today Additional References Citations. I am Plant & Animal Oil writer, reports some information about appliance hand truck , oxy acetylene welding.

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