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The statue is designed using bolts for neck

Scrap Metal Statues, the name of the art itself describes the meaning. Creating statues from scrap metal is an amazing and unique form of art. This unique art form requires the passion, expertise and skills to develop innovative statues using scrap metal. The process of constructing these enormous statutes includes welding, construction and designing. The artists perform all the functions of the production process including quality control, safety control, getting the statues cleaned, packaged, fumigated and shipped all across the globe. The unique and innovative collection of scrap metal statues including Superheroes, Transformers, Vehicles, Predator, Vehicles, Music, Animals and Aliens. The wide and unique range of statues is available for retail sale. Moreover, the statues are created from unique parts including nuts, bolts and screws and are obtained from manufacturing plants and scrap metal dealers. China butt welding machine Manufacturers The Terrier Dog statue from the Animal Models collection has tall ears and a long neck.

The statue is designed using bolts for neck and legs, bearings for eyes and sheet steel for body. The wide range of Vehicle Models includes Jeep, Harley Davidson, Motorcycle, Helicopter, Ship Models and Tank Models available in different designs and patterns. The old warship is built using bicycle chains, sheet metal and car parts and complete attention is given on the sails and the hull. The exclusive Cars Models makes an amazing collection. The gock statues are fabricated using hand molded steel plates on steel frames, along with nuts, bolts, spark plugs and the pieces of motorcycle chain. The Gock statue is also considered as a miniature version of the Zaku. The Z’Gock statue is also considered an important figure in the Gundam Saga.

It is created using lug nuts for forearms and spark plugs for legs. If you love Superheroes, then the Superheroes collection is the perfect option. The IronMan is the most popular SuperHero and is crafted using screws for hands, nuts for arms and a spark plug for weapon. The statues come with complete accessories required to give the statues an original look. They work in a workshop and have a portfolio of many successful projects for which they are regularly commissioned. You can visit their website any time and view the entire unique and innovative range of scrap metal statues and make a wise decision by picking the perfect Scrap Metal Statue!

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