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As much as gas cylinders are essential in the welding

As much as gas cylinders are essential in the welding industry, they pose as a great threat to those using them. It is more the case if you do not handle them appropriately. With the guidelines provided by Gas Cylinder Long Island Firms say like General Welding Supply Long Island, you can be able to use the cylinders and be safe. The best way to be safe is to be aware of what you are dealing with. Gas cylinders used at welding firms are normally LPG. These contain butane combined with propane. The two are highly flammable and thus you...

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Those who knew and worked with Anders

LYNCHBURG -- UPDATE: The ambulance that collided with a pickup truck in the intersectionof Campbell and Florida avenues did not have its emergency lightsand siren on, police said. Justin Kidd, 25, of Rustburg, has been charged with recklessdriving in the crash that killed former Lynchburg firefighter DeanAnders, 69, Lynchburg Police said. Kidd, officers said, ran the red light at that intersection momentsbefore the ambulance collided with Anders" truck. Kidd is a paid first responder for Campbell County"semergency services. County officials would not comment on hisemployment status Friday. Those who knew and worked with Anders called him a friend andmentor. Master...

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